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Platonic Naturalism

Design by Alsar Atelier + Isaac Tejeira



Honorable Mention

Fundamental to the act of wine tasting is the notion that wine must be experienced, not consumed. It is meant to be savored in a meticulous manner, akin to the process of its making. Wine, when relished in moderation, allows for the experience to go beyond the product, unraveling its essence back into the landscape it originated from. In doing so, it is able to captivate and transport the actor to a place of quiet contemplation in his or her mind. The picturesque landscape of Monte d’Oiro is second to none, as exquisite as the carefully crafted wine it produces. Much like the act of tasting wine, the tasting room is designed to savor the exemplary scenery and gradually immerse the visitor into experiencing the fields of Monte d’Orio. Consequently, the design adopts a circular enclosure and gradient facade that allows for a slow and gradual reveal of the surrounding panorama, transporting the user to a place of inner introspection.

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