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Brexit monuments


Design by Alsar Atelier


3rd Prize

The Brexit marked an important moment in history. The proposal recognizes it. Its design derives from the concept of the antithesis of an arch. A closed gateway, uncooperative, a wall. The scale of said arch with classical zymology gave the proposal Monumentality.Four arches were designed, representing the remaining 1973 European Union. Placed in line demonstrating cooperation between countries at contrast with the separated closed arch, the UK. Giving Clarity of message to the proposal.The arches are placed in a wheat plantation at the crossroads between the Eurostar service and the Route de Estuaries. The landscape around the site consists of small constructions and vegetation, the proposal will have Legibility at speed from two high traffic routes. It is important to mention that the proposal is placed exclusively in France since it continues to be a member of the European Union and looks at the Brexit as a setback, unlike the majority of the UK.

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