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Invisible Architecture For the Unheard Voices of the Public Realm


Design by Alejandro Saldarriaga Rubio &Henry Gualdro



The public realm, by definition, should be a shared place that holds an egalitarian respect between users. In the Latin American context, given the great social inequities present in it, public space tends to be a place where the minorities are affected by problems that are often "invisible" to a large portion of the urban population. Taking this problem into account, a collaborative workshop was held by IBO (Bogota Innovation Laboratory) so users of the public space, especially minorities, had the opportunity to materialize their issues with the public realm into architecture. Consequently, the design consists of an invisible structure that references the unheard or invisible voices of the public space of Bogotá. Said structure is a collaborative design experiment where the community itself was invited to write, into this invisible canvas, their ideas on how to improve public space.  The design's own identity is given by the words that users place in it.


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