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La Perse

Design by Alsar Atelier + GB-Urban Studio  & Taller Architects

Photography by: Diezveinte & Andres Toquica

Bogotá, Colombia



We were asked to design an outdoor dining solution where the client essentially had no funds for the project. Quickly we realized that designing in a context that was in the middle of a socio-economic crisis asked us to think outside of traditional building materials.   

We concluded that the design had to be built with materials that were already part of our day-to-day routines, which could be recycled or reused into architecture to save costs. This led us to investigate construction infrastructure as inhabitable architecture. We decided that scaffolding was the most appropriate construction system due to its modularity, accessibility, and “outdoor feel”.  

Our design solution was to think of physical distancing not only as a horizontal solution but rather as a vertical one. This crates additional tables to increase the plaza´s occupancy.

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